Guide for Prospective Residents

If you think you'd like to live at Eastern Village Cohousing, start getting to know us now! We encourage you to develop a thorough understanding of what life would be like here before you make a decision.

Use the information below as a guide to help you explore whether you'd like to join us. Feel free to pursue the activities in whatever order works best for you. A printable version of the Guide for Prospective Residents is also available.

You are invited to participate in our meetings, social events, and work days in order to learn more about us. Please contact us to request a schedule. Be sure to contact us in advance to arrange for a host and access to the common house for any activity you wish to attend.

Think about the questions below as you consider what it would be like to live here day-to-day. When possible, discuss the topics with current residents of Eastern Village Cohousing to broaden and deepen your exploration.

Governing Documents